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Whenever we do something, we either do it right or not at all.

That is the basis for all of our services and products.

It began with the firm's founder receiving qualified mechanical training and then working for several years afterwards as a mechanic and installer. He subsequently attended technical schools and thus acquired theoretical expertise in addition to his mechanical expertise. After-wards, he worked in different companies where he specialized in quality assurance and manufacturing techniques.

In 1978, he took over quality assurance for a leading machine tool manufacturer, where he was also responsible for the final approval of machines. At the same time, laser measurement technology began to be used. By using this technology, along with the necessary experience, machines could be quickly and easily measured and compensated, and machine errors could be localized and eliminated.

Because of the greatly increased demands on the precision of CNC machine tools, the demand for laser measurements became greater and greater, and this allowed him to become selfemployed in 1983.

Mitarbeiter werden geschultIn the meantime, thousands of machines from different manufacturers, sizes and types were measured and optimizedat DREIER Technology. Because of the many measurements that had been made and the errors that had been consequently determined, our employees acquired a great deal of expertise.

Because of this expertise, they are in a position to localize machine errors and to take the appropriate measures to correct them.